Air Freight

When time is of the essence
and professionalism is of utmost importance

We are here to carry your cargo overland efficiently, safely, and quickly… have your
cargo travel on the road while being monitored and fully insured..


Air Freight

Air Freight

When you want to move your cargo through the air, your shipment is probably critical and needs to be delivered on time. When you need to handle such a process, you will find yourself standing in one of the most complex freight management fields, where many elements come into play…

Moving cargo through the air is a highly regulated process with many restrictions and documentation that go into it. This means your business must take care of customs clearance, airport delays and issues, and availability. Mind you, if you handle sensitive cargo without the needed experience, you are risking financial loss that directly hits the bottom line of your business, let alone your market reputation.

This is why managing Air Freight without the required experience is such a challenge. And that is where we come in, to provide you with the competitive edge of convenient air transport without having to burden your business with any complications.
We cross the skies, so you won’t have to.

Air Freight

How We Add Value to Your Business

with Air Freight

Air Freight
Air Freight
Whether you need to move your cargo in FCL or LCL containers, you have the choice and full control of your shipment size.
Under Any
Under Rain, in a rush, or through stormy weather, our professionals can handle it all. You will have the power to deliver under the worst conditions without any delay.
We give you the ability to keep a close eye on your cargo with the latest technology in tracking, namely the internationally known ERP system integrated with GPS.
Safety &
We provide you with full insurance so you can be sure your cargo is in good and professional hands.
Strict delivery dates, expert handling, and efficient Road Freight management with direct delivery to eliminate any mistakes and be more cost-effective.
More Flexibility:
Fully equipped to handle any project with any Payload. Whether you require a special project, oversized cargo, or LCL, you will be able to do it efficiently.
Import & Export:
If you are moving it inside or outside the kingdom, you will have the ability to import or export goods efficiently with our excellent global network.
Real-time Tracking:
With ERP and GPS integration, you will have the ability to monitor your cargo on the fly at all times.
Safety & Insurance:
When it comes to Air Freight, safety and intricate handling are of the utmost importance… keep your mind at ease with full cargo insurance and professional execution.

High Efficiency:

Have your cargo delivered with minimal risks… Fast and accurate performance by our professionals managed by KPIs and research, ensuring efficient and timely transport, and eliminating mistakes.

Start Moving Your Cargo through the Sky

Initiate your Air Freights and take your cargo
to any designated place around the globe

More About

the Service

Air Freight
Less-to-No Warehousing Fees

Our Air Freight service includes warehousing to give you more control over your shipment distribution and ensure zero
holding fees. We can also work with you on a project tailored to your needs and offer you carrier options based on your cargo needs.

Door-to-Door Delivery

We handle your freight from start to finish and deliver it to any location needed, anywhere on the globe. Our experienced staff takes full responsibility for the complete coordination of your shipments from the point of origin to the final destination.

Short Deadlines

Our partners are leaders in the field who can provide customized logistic schedules to any destination all over the globe.

Any Type of Cargo

Our employees are professionals trained to handle any type of goods, dangerous or not… we can deliver it safely and efficiently.

Air Freight